Saturday Dialogues


The Saturday Dialogues stand as one of the oldest traditions at COR. In fact, COR began as a Saturday Dialogue in the home of Mel Knight in the mid 1990’s. The overarching goal, then and now, is to share our clinical experience working within the British Object Relations framework. A Dialogue begins with a therapist opening up their work with a particular patient/client, describing some of the challenges and personal issues they face with this person. A discussant then responds with their reflections about the case and then invites the group to share their thoughts and feelings.

There will be three presentations this academic year:

On December 10, 2022, Jeff Grant will present with discussant Terry Hanson.

On February 11, 2023, Rachel Kennedy will present with discussant Kris Wheeler.

On May 20, 2023, Peter Hopkins will present with discussant Terry Hanson.

All three dialogues will take place in the COR office, on a Saturday morning from 10 to 12am, and are in person only.  Seats are available on first-come first-serve basis until the classroom fills up.  Members of COR attend for free.

Searching for “Good Enough”

February 11, 2023

To be psychoanalytically minded in any setting but private practice requires one to become a pragmatist, learning the art of compromise, flexibility, and holding grief for what cannot yet come into being. As a young therapist working in a prison setting, I have become familiar with the tension and ambivalence of practicing under the formulas of “evidence-based” models while simultaneously trying to grow a psychoanalytic mind. How do I stand in the space between what I know is possible under the circumstances, and what I believe is needed? Attempting to understand people within a system built to simply manage them. It feels impossible at times to find “good enough”. I will explore this tension as well as discuss some clinical material of a patient also attempting to find “good enough” under his own sparse circumstances.

Presenter: Rachel Kennedy

Rachel Kennedy is a therapist working at the Monroe Correctional Complex in a cognitive-behavioral program designed to reduce recidivism for individuals who have committed sex offenses. Rachel is a member of COR and the NWAPS and a graduate of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. She enjoys reading, playing piano, and climbing.

Discussant: Kris Wheeler

Kris Wheeler, MA, LMHC, is a psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist, practicing in Seattle for 36 years. She works with individuals and couples and enjoys teaching Object Relations based psychotherapy. She is also credentialed with the American Balint Society to lead Balint groups, a specifically disciplined yet broadly imaginative approach to case consultation. She and Kathy Knowlton have been co-leading Balint groups for Seattle psychotherapists for more than a decade. Her psychotherapy practice is deeply informed by dance and creative process — formerly on the faculty of UW Dance Department, teaching and performing dance were her first career and she continues to enjoy dance improvisation.

Unconscious Influences

May 20, 2023

This case will explore unconscious dynamics within therapy, with a focus on how growth can occur over time, often outside of the awareness of the patient and the therapist. Various different ideas will be explored and thought about in the context of clinical material, including containment, an internalized object, and projective identification. Also, special focus will be given to the role of countertransference and the therapist tolerating difficult emotional experiences in the therapy, with attention being given to growth in the therapist through this process as well.

Presenter: Peter Hopkins

Peter Hopkins, MA LMHC, serves on the board of directors and as treasurer for COR. A graduate of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, he has a therapy practice in Seattle working with adults and adolescents.

Discussant: Terry Hanson

Terry Hanson, PhD, has been involved in both COR and the Northwest Alliance for many years and has served as the Alliance President. He has his practice in Seattle.

Seminar Details

Category Details
Time 10:00 am – 12:00 pm  (Seattle) (Pacific)
Location COR Office: 2915 E Madison St, Suite 300, Seattle, WA 98112
Fee for Members FREE!
Fee for Non-Members $20       [You will receive a discount to become a new member]
CEUs 2.0 hours ($10 administrative fee)

CEU Certificates

This page will be updated after each Saturday Dialogue event.  Participants will need to pay a $10 administrative fee in order to receive their CEU certificate of attendance.  The fee can be paid in-person at the event or online at a link here after the event.

February 11, 2023

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