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Exploring Psychotic Processes: Reading Harold Searles and Wilfred Bion

Instructor: Terry Hanson, PhD

It seems true that every patient, which means all of us, is terrified of loosing their mind, of falling to pieces like Humpty Dumpty and never being put back together again. This terror of fragmentation and dissolution is probably part of the background of every therapy, but often emerges into the foreground of the interaction when particularly acute anxiety is felt. Wilfred Bion and Harold Searles both worked extensively with psychotic patients and describe in their works this universal background of psychotic anxieties and how it gets registered in psychoanalytic work. We will read a couple of articles from each of them and hopefully help each other in growing our capacities to recognize and to bear psychotic pressures. This course is cosponsored by COR and the Alliance.

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Time Tuesdays at 7:30 – 9:00 pm
Dates February 21,  February 28,  March 7,  March 14  (2022)
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Terry Hanson
Terry HansonPhD
Terry Hanson, PhD has been involved in both COR and the Northwest Alliance for many years and has served as the Alliance President. He has his practice in Seattle.

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