Curiositas: Bion’s K-Link and the Study of Curiosity

Instructor: Enika Cocoli Bowen, PhD

The first of its kind, this elective class begins with an overview of Bion’s K-link. It then extends to additional sources from philosophy and theology spanning 25 centuries. From Socrates to the North African shores of St. Augustine all the way to us in the 20th and 21st centuries, this study will dive into the complex nature of curiosity, its benefits and shortcomings. The ultimate aim is the enrichment of clinical work as a whole and the therapeutic activity of each session.

The idea for this class is born from the double-sided nature of curiosity. One side holds that being curious is a virtue that opens the path to learning and discovery. This side requires an awakening to something other than oneself, thought different from one’s own, experiences of other origins, and the possibility to approach the other with helpful intent. On the flipside, curiosity is a vice, best captured by folk wisdom: Curiosity killed the cat. It is the area of looking without seeing, listening without hearing, being unchanged by the reality both within and without.

This duality is of significant interest to clinical work. How do we discover the internal world of the other? Yet, how do we restrain ourselves from gawking, literally and metaphorically? How do we balance them? Or… do we? Ultimately, these questions regard the nature of knowing, knowledge, and related pitfalls. As the concept of curiosity encompasses several others, it will lead us to other areas, as the readings will show.

We will begin far back in spacetime, with St. Augustine through brief passages from Confessions and The Trinity. Then, we will leap sixteen centuries to the outstanding 20th century Canadian theologian Bernard Lonergan. We will dedicate the majority of the class to the evolution of Wilfred Bion’s thought.

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Dates February 8,  February 15,  February 22,  March 1  (2023)
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Enika Cocoli Bowen
Enika Cocoli BowenPhD
Enika Cocoli Bowen, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice. She began studies of clinical psychology and psychoanalysis in Milan, Italy, in 1996. She devotes almost her entire practice to the psychoanalytically informed individual therapy of adults. She is a former president of COR and long-serving member of COR Board of Directors.

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