Our Mission

At the foundation of all that makes us human is relationship. We all began in relationship to the mother, in the womb, and from birth onward there is a development through relationship, and the absence of relationship, into the formation of our inner world. As we grow, there is complexity to how we develop through relationship, and it is in this complex experience of presence/absence, pain/relief, taking-in/getting-out that many of the emotional, physical, and mental problems develop over time. Often, many of the modern therapeutic modalities do not address the complexities in the development of the internal world of our patients. And so while there at times may be short-term progress, many of these patients return again and again to treatment, or at worse give up, losing hope of ever finding help.

The purpose of Center for Object Relations is to help therapists, and anyone else who is interested, to begin to get to know the intricacies of human development through the frame of British Object Relations. We believe BOR is a lens that is missing within many current therapeutic modalities, and it is one way that has been found to have success with patients in ways that other treatments miss.

Center for Object Relations mission isĀ to extend to the broader community an awareness, knowledge, use and understanding of the British Object Relations view of (1) child development, (2) the resulting internal world in every human being, and (3) its expression in human relationships.