Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student, and know very little about Object Relations. Is this going to be over my head?

Students are especially welcome at COR events. Even for seasoned clinicians, Object Relations can be quite confusing and complex. An encouragement is to just let the “music,” in Franco Scabbiolo’s words, of the conversations and seminars pass through you, and with time the words will begin to take on meaning.

I am a student, and I can’t afford the classes. What can I do?

Please fill out a Scholarship Request form. You’ll need to be a member of COR to get a scholarship, but please don’t hesitate to ask. One of the driving forces behind Center for Object Relations is to make this learning available to anyone, and we strive to make that happen.

I’m trying to register for a class, but the website is not recognizing my card. What should I do?

Please contact the COR Administrator, who may ask you to just mail a check to secure your place within the class.

I’m trying to login to my account, but my computer is not recognizing my information. What should I do?

First, attempt to clear your website browser cache. If you search on Youtube via your particular browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), there are many descriptions on how to do this.

If that doesn’t work, please contact the COR Website Manager.

I’m wanting to take a class, but I may miss a class. Is there any way to get a recording?

Many COR classes and seminars are recorded, and you can get a copy of the recording through the class contact person. However, some classes and seminars are not recorded due to the subject material containing clinical information and need for increased level of confidentiality.