The CORRelations Newsletter

CORRelations is our newsletter that is mailed out to members each quarter. PDF copies are made available to members upon request. Out-of-state and overseas subscriptions are available for $35 per year. Email or contact the Northwest Family Development Center to learn more. These issues are made available as multi-page PDFs, and file sizes may be large. Please be patient.

If you have any questions about CORRelations, or would like to submit something to our next newsletter, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Jeff Grant at the link below his picture.

Katie Wright, MA, LMHC
Katie Wright, MA, LMHCChair of Publications Committee

About Rick Clark, CORRelations Editor

Rick Clark is a Seattle poet, writer, editor, and educator who has also dabbled in filmmaking, classical violin, birds, photography, Zen, and yoga. He is author of Bug-eyed & Bird-brained: Small Creature Haiku (Red Moon Press), illustrated by Northwest sumi artist Fumiko Kimura. His haiku are frequently included in anthologies and journals and have won international contests. He is also author of the creative travel memoir Journey to the River: India Travels (Pina Publishing). Rick has been involved in filmmaking, having worked as script consultant on Beauty of the Fight (directed by John Urbano), selected by 29 festivals and winning two prizes. He also worked as executive producer and writer on the short film “Rowing Smitty,” which depicts the Row to Canada ALS Fundraiser, an event that Rick spearheaded. The film can be viewed on The Seattle Channel online. His writings also can be appreciated online, at his blog Wrenzai Insight Journal. Presently, Rick is working on a partially fictionalized ancestry memoir. His education includes a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (poetry) from University of Washington. Rick is a Vietnam veteran.