Evaluation for Foundations of British Object Relations - Spring 2022

Thank you for participating in our course.  This evaluation will be given to the instructors and COR's education committee in order to improve future courses.  We appreciate you taking the time to fill it out.

When you complete this evaluation, you will be redirected to a page with instructions for printing your certificate of attendance.  In order to receive credit for CEUs, please answer the quiz questions for each session of class that you attended. You can find the quizzes here under the "CEU Tests" tab.

Presenter(s) was knowledgable:

Presenter(s) introduced and explained ideas clearly:

Presenter(s) was stimulating:

Presenter(s) encouraged critical thinking

Depth of material covered:

Event enhanced my understanding:

Event was useful for clinical work:

Event organization and advertising was...

Event registration process was...

Length of event was...

Event facility (or online webinar program) was...


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