Member Highlights for CORRelations

License earned?

Practice opened?

Degree completed?

...Let COR Know!

Dear COR Community,

We want to share the new and exciting developments in your professional and academic life with the rest of our membership! Since January 2024, have any of the following occurred for you?

- graduated from a program
- completed a significant training
- received licensure or certification
- took a new job
- moved or opened an office
- published a work
- taught a class or presented at a conference
- retired from a job or practice

If so, let COR know! News can be related to any kind of notable professional development, and each contribution should be limited to fewer than 75 words. Please include a photo of yourself, and provide your name with credentials, and other pertinent details, as you would like them to appear.

Please send news for the July 2024 edition of CORRelations to: by June 7th, 2024.

Categories: COR NewsPublished On: May 31st, 2024