Renovations are continuing on the new COR Office in preparation for the eventual return to in-person classes and events. Eventually, the office will have a bright, quiet, and comfortable space, surrounded by bookshelves, plants, and things that carry meaning for us as an organization. More to come as the project continues to unfold. Expected completion date: End of August 2021.

Kathleen Heppell Retirement

Kathleen Heppell, COR Administrator for the last seven years, is retiring from her position as of this month. Kathleen has been an integral part of the COR community, serving our organization in countless ways. She has been the interface between COR’s board of directors and all its members, as well as between our instructors and class participants. If you have been involved with COR during this time, she may well have been the first person you met. Her dedication to COR and its members has reverberated throughout our community spirit. Kathleen plans to focus more closely on her private psychotherapy practice in Tacoma, and will continue to take part in offerings at COR.

On behalf of the COR board of directors, I thank Kathleen for the energy, time, and passion she has poured into our community during her time as COR Administrator, and wish her good luck as she enters this new chapter of life!

From Kathleen: COR is and has been a gift to me. It is a place I can call home as I continue to grow my clinical mind and skills. It has been a privilege to serve as the Office Administrator for seven years, working with COR’s membership and the Board. COR’s membership has grown through the work of COR’s Board. The Board is dedicated, hardworking, and conscientious. What was intriguing to me was to see how the person elected President of the Board has been the right person at the right time. Each leading, and, with the Board, laying a strong foundation that they continue to build upon. Each of the years I have been in the office, a donor has been committed to providing scholarships, primarily for therapists getting started in their careers, when the finances for post graduate education are so limited. My heart is moved each year when this donation arrives. The President lets me know of those that will receive a scholarship. I know it made it possible for me to take courses in my early years as a therapist. While I will be leaving the position of Office Administrator, I am continuing my therapy practice in Tacoma. I appreciate that COR has offered trainings through Zoom throughout the pandemic and it has been possible to continue to learn from experienced therapists and one another. I valued getting to connect names and faces from those I corresponded with via email. I am looking forward to in-person events where our clinical minds can continue to grow and we will have time to get better acquainted with one another.

Tyler Hanson, New Administrator

Tyler Hanson, new COR Administrator, is taking on the position Kathleen Heppell has held. Tyler spent most of his life in Seattle, with extended family here, and now raising a family of his own. For many years, he worked at Harborview Medical Center as a laboratory technician, helping doctors work with cancer patients. He considers himself a scientist, testing and learning whatever he can, and he enjoys helping others to do the same. He has supported doctors, lawyers, and teachers, and now the people of COR. In his spare time, he studies computers, game theory, economics, and psychology and enjoys playing sports (racquetball is a favorite) and games, including inventing and designing new ones.

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