From the Editor

I arrive at the Center for Object Relations during a time of great transition, both in the organization and in the world. This issue of CORRelations has been a joint effort and I could not have completed it without Rick Clark’s generous gift of time. I also want to thank Katie, Kathleen, Seth, and Collin. I have really enjoyed this opportunity and I look forward to seeing what thought-provoking topics the next issue brings.

A little bit about me: I have been an editor for over twenty-five years. I left my four-year career as a bookseller at Ravenna Third Place Books last year. I read widely and love sharing books with people. When I’m not editing or writing, I’m reading, sewing, or doing collage. I also enjoy walking on the beach with my grand dog, spending time with my husband and our grown daughter, and enjoying time with my folks who live behind us.

Please submit work to Seth Aichele, new Publications Committee Chair. The deadline for the January issue is now December 1.

Dana Gaskin Wenig CORRelations Editor

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